INR Testing

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Testing your INR is an important step for maintaining a healthy dose of Warfarin. In this video we will be discussing the different ways of INR testing, how to record your results, and how to maintain an accurate logbook to ensure your INR values stay in range.

Video Quiz

The 3 Ts are very important when taking warfarin. They are…

An INR is a measure of how long it takes my blood to clot.

What number describes a normal INR for people who do not take warfarin?

The safe range for my INR is set by the reason I need warfarin:

I test my INR?

When my INR is in my target range it will:

An INR is a picture of your Warfarin and DIME:

When I have checked my INR I should:

When my INR is out of range it can be dangerous. If my INR is low, I have a chance of:

When there has been a change in DIME it is important to check my INR earlier.

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