INR Self Testing

Video 5 of 5 in the Warfarin with CoaguCheck INR Testing Series

In this video we discuss self testing using an INR meter. An INR meter allows you to self test anywhere and any place! There are a few things to remember though.

Video Quiz

Point of Care or home INR meter is an accurate method for INR testing. Is it necessary to compare the meter with the laboratory INR?

The code chip is necessary for the meter to work. It can be found:

The best way to make sure I have the correct code chip in the meter for the test strips is:

When I remove the test strip from the container it is important to:

The best place for me to poke my finger is:

Before I test my INR I should:

If I get an error code if may be for which of these reasons:

When I have checked my INR I should:

The safe way for me to discard used strips and needles is:

The 3 Ts are very important when taking warfarin. They are…

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