Warfarin / Coumadin

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There are many different types of anticoagulants. In this video we will be discussing Warfarin and Coumadin (which is just another name for Warfarin). In addition, we will also be talking about factors that may cause your dose to change, and how to adjust your dose safely.

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Understanding how my anticoagulant therapy works will:

A blood test called an INR guides my health provider to how much Warfarin I need.

I need to take warfarin?

Do I need to change my diet if I am taking warfarin?

When I am sick, it may affect how Warfarin is working for me?

Medications may change how warfarin works

If I miss a warfarin dose

What are the main side effects of warfarin?

What pain medication is safe to take while you take when on warfarin?

There are 5 things you should think about when you are taking Warfarin. They are:

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